6 Steps

6 Steps to Credit Success

The importance of the 6 Steps:

The Six Steps encompass all 5 aspects used to calculate your credit score. Just disputing accounts may provide improvement but it will only be for a short period of time. With each of these steps you will find your credit profile improving and gaining strength and soon - over time you will see a major improvement as well as long term stability.

The order of the steps are important to follow since each step builds on the previous one. You will more than likely find that some of the steps will not hold as much weight for you but this is expected. The steps are designed for review and action if need be. If each step is followed carefully you will see that you can improve your credit standing even if you have great credit!

So let's get into "The Six Steps to Credit Success"...

Step 1: Evaluate

The first step is a one on one consultation to review the information that is reporting on your credit report. Our highly trained credit consultants will review your credit report to evaluate the 5 aspects of your credit scores: Payment History, Debt Ratio, Length of Credit, New Credit, and Types of Credit.

Step 2: Establish

Your second step to credit success is to establish credit. This step is important early in the process so that the new credit will have a chance to report multiple payments while you complete the rest of the steps.

Step 3: Dispute

Your 3rd Step to Credit Success is for us to dispute the identified inaccuracies from your Credit Evaluation. The dispute process can affect your Payment History which constitutes 35% of your credit scores. During the dispute process we will look to make sure every identified account is accurate and verifiable. The Fair Credit Reporting Act tells us that if an account is inaccurate or unverifiable then it must be corrected or removed from the consumers credit report. It is important to remember that not every derogatory item that is reporting against you is inaccurate or unverifiable and through the investigation process it may be found to be accurate.Our programs range from 6 to 8 months, but many clients graduate before their program is completed. Always keep in mind that every credit report is different and your results may vary. Accurate and verifiable information cannot be removed from a credit report and no one (including us) can guarantee the removal of any specific item or guarantee a specific credit score.

Step 4: Settle

The 4th Step to Credit Success is to settle outstanding derogatory debt. The reasoning for settling after Step 3 (Dispute) is so you have a list of the derogatory debt that is accurate and verifiable to settle. During this process we will talk with the creditors to see if you can reach an agreed upon amount to pay for the debt. There may be some debt that you feel is unfair to pay but it is more unfair for it to be negatively affecting you for up to 7 years! Step 5: Save This step is our favorite one of all! At this point you have really made some tremendous headway and it is time move forward to start to reach your goals. The reason we call Step 5 Save is because sometimes it is easy to get a little short sighted in the focus of our goals and we don't step back and look at the entire picture.

Step 5 Save

Step 5 is the time to apply for financing. You are going to want to check your financing in several areas to see how much money you can save.

Step 6: Equip

The final step is the long haul of the steps. Here is where you are going to focus on the long term success of your credit using the tools on this site as well as in your Personal Credit Portal provided to all our members. Setting your budget and reviewing it every 2 or 3 months will help you to maintain long term success and financial freedom.

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