Education Credit Repair FAQ

Credit Repair FAQ's

Can I Do This Myself?

    • YES YOU CAN, but do you have the time, knowledge and resources to do it? You can repair the transmission in your car yourself as well but many of us don't have the expertise to do so. Why not have a professional in your corner to help you?

Can I Contact The Credit Bureaus Myself?

    • ABSOLUTELY and you are encouraged to if have any questions about your reports. You can review a free report from the credit bureaus at 1 time a year (it is helpful to be at a place that you can print it).

Can I Pay for My Services All At the Same Time?

    • NO WAY!!! And you should not want to - anyone who is trying to get you to pay for work that has not been completed is just trying to get your money! This why we only charge you for work that has been completed and give you the right to cancel your monthly payments at anytime. We want to earn your business!

Can You Remove Accurate, Verifiable Information?

    • NO, and anyone who tells you different is lying to you! Creditors have a legal right to report accurate information to the credit reporting agencies, if they choose to exercise this right and the information is negative it may take up to 7 years for the items to be removed from your credit report.

What Should I Do About Collections Reporting?

  • IF IT'S LEGIT - PAY IT! There is no magic solution that just makes debt magically go away. Even if the reporting of an item is inaccurate and it is removed from your credit report the debt may be valid and still owed. To keep your credit looking great make sure to pay all bills in a timely fashion. If you owe money you need to pay it or it very well may have a negative impact on your credit scores.
Education Credit Repair FAQ

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