Education Debunking a few Credit Myths
Saturday, 28 November 2015 05:54

Debunking a few Credit Myths

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A Few Credit Myths Myth #1:You share a credit score with your spouse. Myth #2:Your credit score only counts when you're looking to borrow money. Myth #3Always pay your credit card balance in full and that will give you the best credit. Myth #4:If a judge in a divorce preceding orders a spouse to pay a debt, it's no longer affected by credit. Myth #5:Multiple auto/mortgage loan inquiries will hurt your score for each one. Myth #6:A serious financial crisis like as a foreclosure or bankruptcy permanently hurts your credit score. Myth #7FICO scores are locked in for six months, and that they change every six months. Myth #8Paying off an old collection or charge off will increase your credit score. Myth #9The credit bureaus are government agencies. Myth #10Your salary makes a difference in your credit score These are just a few of the top myths we have to debunk on a routine basis. Contact us if you would like more info on our other top Credit Myths

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    The nature of your credit reports and financial assessments has turned out to be more critical than you'll ever know. Your credit reports and FICO assessments can affect an advance or Visa application, a vocation application, another protection approach, and even another utility record. Subsequently, figuring out how to gain and keep up awesome credit ought to be at the highest point of your monetary schedule.

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    All the credit myths are only dispelled by my bank advisor. I consult only with him, do not trust such posts.

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Education Debunking a few Credit Myths

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