Education 6 Steps to Credit Success
Saturday, 28 November 2015 06:03

6 Steps to Credit Success

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The Credit Guys 6 Steps to Credit Success 1. Evaluate: Our Credit Consultants review balances and credit limits, determining if new credit needs to be established, identifying accounts believed to be inaccurate, and determining how to pay off the negative debt. 2. Establish: Often times new, positive credit will need to be established to maximize our clients FICO® scores. We offer tools from Secured Credit Cards to large Unsecured Lines of Credit for clients who need to establish new credit. 3. Dispute: Inaccurate, unverifiable, or misleading information reporting against our clients are aggressively disputed with the Credit Bureaus AND the Creditors to ensure a permanent change - not a Band-Aid. It is not uncommon for our clients to see over 80% of the inaccurate items removed within 4 to 6 months! 4. Settle: Many times accounts report a balance that is past due. We help our client to settle and pay these past due balances to ensure that these accounts do not appear again on the credit report with a different company. 5. Save: When we have seen improvement on our clients FICO® scores we will identify areas that our clients can save money from having better credit scores. This may include refinancing an automobile, re-applying for insurance, consolidating credit cards, or refinancing their home. 6. Equip: Our clients receive the added benefit of financial tools and credit tips to help them sustain lasting credit success. Others who have used these same tools have enjoyed a lifetime of great credit!

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    On the off chance that you have various older debts that are consuming a great deal of your credit control time, it could prove beneficial to concentrate on the biggest invoices first. This will help you to enhance your income while you sit tight for payment from your other customers.

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Education 6 Steps to Credit Success

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