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A Few Credit Myths

Myth #1:You share a credit score with your spouse.

Myth #2:Your credit score only counts when you're looking to borrow money.

Myth #3Always pay your credit card balance in full and that will give you the best credit.

Myth #4:If a judge in a divorce preceding orders a spouse to pay a debt, it's no longer affected by credit.

Myth #5:Multiple auto/mortgage loan inquiries will hurt your score for each one.

Myth #6:A serious financial crisis like as a foreclosure or bankruptcy permanently hurts your credit score.

Myth #7FICO scores are locked in for six months, and that they change every six months.

Myth #8Paying off an old collection or charge off will increase your credit score.

Myth #9The credit bureaus are government agencies.

Myth #10Your salary makes a difference in your credit score

These are just a few of the top myths we have to debunk on a routine basis. Contact us if you would like more info on our other top Credit Myths

Who Is Epic Insurance?

Epic Insurance is your local insurance agency that brings together the experience and expertise of local agents with over 75 years of combined service in the Lee’s Summit and greater Kansas City areas and throughout Missouri and Kansas. While all of Epic Insurance agents are skilled in serving a wide variety of insurance needs, each has a central focus. Wayne Retherford’s forte is in personal lines of insurance while Paul Crisafulli’s lies in commercial insurance and business insurance. Todd Miller is the agency’s life insurance, health insurance, and employee benefits expert; Patty Noel and Mendy Doak provide knowledgeable, friendly customer service and account management for Epic’s clients. Together, the Epic Insurance staff form an adept team of service providers who draw on deep knowledge and broad experience in the insurance industry in order to meet each client’s individual needs.

Why Choose Epic Insurance?

More than anything else, the agents at Epic Insurance strive to build long-lasting relationships with their clients and to serve them well. Their goal is always to go above and beyond client expectations, providing the protection and peace of mind that come from an individually tailored insurance program and a skillful insurance agent. Because their focus is on relationships rather than on sales and commissions, Epic Insurance agents offer personal service and strategic planning as they work to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Most people find insurance a little confusing and unsettling. Auto and home, life and health insurance, personal and commercial insurance can feel like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that don’t quite fit together. Epic Insurance job is to analyze your overall insurance needs, answer your questions, and help you put all the pieces together. When you work with Epic Insurance, you know you have a local agent on your side, whose first priority is to serve you. Epic’s agents have a proven track record of excellent service. They know the area and they’re invested in the Lee’s Summit community. As Todd puts it, “I am trying to always treat the client the way I would want my own family to be treated: professionally, and with the utmost respect.”

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

Agents who work for one insurance company are limited to the policies and premiums offered by that one company. In contrast, the independent agents at Epic Insurance are free to “shop around” on your behalf. This gives them the freedom to find the most cost-effective solutions available and to tailor personal and commercial insurance plans to meet your unique needs. As a result, you will have a wider range of real choices with less hassle along the way. Insurance policies can be nuanced and confusing. Epic’s agents will explain the differences between policies and factors that affect premiums so that you feel comfortable with and confident about your insurance choices.

How Do You Contact Epic Insurance?

Epic Insurance is conveniently located in the Eastport Office Park at Highway 291 and Woods Chapel Road in Lee’s Summit, MO. Call 816-795-6600 or email Mendy and Patty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your insurance needs and to get a free quote.

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