Client Testimonies!

Cinnamon T.

For the first time in my adult life I feel like I have some control over my lifestyle, I can buy a car or house if I want to, I can buy a new bedroom set for my girls - what ever I want within my means! Now that I have an appreciation for what it means to manage my finances and maintain my credit I have the tools that I need to consistently improve my family's quality of life. None of this would be possible without the support of everyone on the Credit Guys team; they are helpful, supportive, and most important down to earth. As a Realtor I believe that everyone deserves to own a home, as a consumer I believe that everyone deserves a second chance - Credit Guys makes that happen! You guys are awesome! I've never met a group of professionals that are so down to earth and personable. There are times that the business world can make a person feel inadequate, but you and your team make it a point to provide comfort to everyone you work with. It is for that reason that your success will be continued for decades to come.

Cheryl B.

“I would absolutely recommend the credit guys to anyone. I could have never done it on my own, I still can't believe the results. I am very satisfied. I am now looking forward to being able to get a home loan.” Kevin Lawson Community America Credit Union I frequently refer some of my members to Credit Guys. I'm so glad you came in one day to promote your business. I've been really happy with your company's treatment of my members, and your firm's ability to help some of our most needing members. I'll gladly keep sending business your way. Keep it up over there.

Bridget C.

I admit there was some skepticism in moving forward with this process but in the initial round to have numerous items resolve, and be told it was an 87% deletion ratio, I must say I'm pleased with what I've seen so far. The members of this team are friendly, caring, and eager to help make this a smooth process. Thank you to the Credit Guys team.

Jesus M.

Credit Guys is a place were i was able to have hope to have my life back again, I was able to see my score go up a litte more everytime they worked with me one on one and were always there when I needed them to explain or advice in my situation. The credit consultants and Katelyn were efficient, helpful, and quick to help all the time, I was quite impressed on the service! I had hired Lexington Law firm for 7 months and all they did was take my money but the service was very poorly and they did not get anything done. I was glad when I found the Credit Guys because they were more professional and took charge. I refered them to all my friends because I know they will help them just like their helping me.

Luke W.

The Credit Guys are amazing! I have to say that at first I was pretty skeptical. I decided though to go in with an open mind, and now I don't have enough good things to say about them. First off, everyone that works at the office is incredibly friendly, they genuinely want to help you. I originally went to the Credit Guys to clean up my credit so I could qualify for a mortgage, but wow... In seven short months of their diligent work, my credit score jumped over 100 points!! Thank you so much! My financial outlook has become so much brighter these days because of the Credit Guys. I tell everyone I talk to about their incredible work.

Tavares & Kelly A.

Thanks to the credit guys we were able to buy our first home, it was pretty amazing to see how fast our credit score shot up. If it wasnt for their we wouldnt be enjoying our new home. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with credit issues. Again thank you Credit Guys ;)

Richard F.

My wife and I went to buy a new car and were shocked when we informed that we had bad credit. Apparently, someone was using my social security number and spending my money! I was devastated to know that I had "bad credit" because I spent my whole trying to make sure my credit was in good shape. We were introduced to the Credit Guys who did an amazing job at disputing the false expenditures. The first round of disputes resulted in a 95% deletion ratio of bad credit! My wife and I would strongly recommend the team at Credit Guys. They have great communication skills, are efficient, and are dedicated in helping people restore their credit!

Tonyah M. Lee’s Summit

Credit Guys you are doing an awesome job. I’m glad to report so far in the first round 8 out of 14 items has been deleted off of my Transunion credit report, that is a 57 percent ratio. I’m impressed so far! Keep up the good work. I’m secretly competing with a friend that is going through another company to clean up his credit. I’m winning!! Hopefully he will come on our side once I brag about my results.

Brian & Trinessa F.

To David and Credit Guys, My wife and I wanted to thank you for all of your help. 3 months ago we were given some bad advice that led our credit scores to plummet. We didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, your staff and website was able to provide the knowledge and service that we needed to get our scores to where we wanted to be. And I am proud to report that we are under contract to purchase our first home thanks to you and your staff’s help with our credit scores. We could not have done this without you! My only regret is not using your services sooner. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.

Dan B

Dave and Keith, A loan officer told me that you were the only credit restoration company that he could recomend. I was very skeptical until we interviewed. The chance was taken and the reward was that I could get my life back. In less than 90 days, you raised my credit score 167 points. This put me in the position to refinance my house, thus, keep it. Now I am not only able to keep my house, I am able to save again. I am in a possition to borrow money at a good rate. After refinanceing my house, I will save more in one month than I spent with you to restore my credit. You kept your word – I kept my house. Thank you. I will recommend you in full confidence to anyone that needs the assistance. There may be other great success stories in your line of work, but I am not sure that many people could tell you that the work you did, had the impact on their life like it did mine. I have lived paycheck to paycheck since 2005. The divorce took every dime I had. With you raising my credit score to the point that I can refinance my home, I now can afford to breathe again. My financial recovery will be much quicker. Instead of me starting life over at my age with nothing, I am able to retain my home and its equity, and save money to rebuild my financial world. Credit is reestablished. Dave, I came into your office to interview you. There was much skepticism on my part. You looked me directly in the eyes and said you could fix my problem. You kept your word. Thanks to your work, I now have control of my financial world again. May God bless you in your work and you and your families.”

Rebecca C Kansas City, MO

Hi David (Dave?), “I was given your email address from a Sean. He said you would be able to help me with repairing my credit. And for this guy to actually refer someone means you’ve gotta be good. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!”

Giovanna V.

Was a bit skeptical but after my first round and now being able to get my home loan I will definitely refer people to you.

Josh C.

We were skeptical at first due to using another company previously. That company not only made our credit situation worse, we were scammed out of thousands of dollars that could have been used to pay off our debts. When it came time to purchase a home our credit was still pretty rough. We signed up with Credit Guys and almost like magic our credit score was even higher than before all of our troubles began. So not only are we relieved to know that everything is on track we also have a closing date on our dream home!!! We could have not done this on our own nor could we be happier that it took less than 45 days. Now we can finally begin our new life, in a new home and new city. WOW!! Thanks to the very prestigious staff that were so helpful along the way.

Liliana F.

Credit Guys Staff- you did an awesome job in repairing my credit. After not even 2 months since I visited with Dave, 93% of the items on my credit report were deleted. You all worked diligently and I really appreciate your help. If I didn’t attach all the paperwork, Lisa contacted me right away and asked for the extra information. I’m so pleased with your efficiency and with the results, that I recommended you to my ex and told my co-workers about you. I can refinance my car to a lower rate and soon, plan on purchasing my dream house.

Sarah J.

Chartwell Realty 783 NE Anderson Lane Lee’s Summit, MO 64064 Office: 816.877.8758 Credit Guys, is where I send all of my clients that need credit repair help. A lot of credit repair companies are a complete waste, but I have always had exceptional results with this company.

Robert D.

I contacted Credit Guys on February 28, 2011 to help me with my credit reports. At that time, I had a total of 47 items in all three reports that were negatively effecting my credit. Much of this was due to a financial hardship which made me file bankruptcy a few years ago. Credit Guys mailed out dispute letters on all 47 items to the three credit agencies. Sometime around the end of March, 2011 and the beginning of April, 2011 the credit agencies sent me response letters which to my surprise cleaned up 74% of the disputed items. My credit score went from a 0 to a range of 684 to 688 between the three credit agencies in only 45 days. I was very pleased with this result. Credit Guys also advised me to make an effort to establish some new and good credit by getting a secured credit card and a secured personal loan to help boost the credit scores. I followed their advice and got both items and I am making timely payments on them now. As a result of Credit Guys work performed on my 47 negative items in my credit report and the advice they gave me to establish new credit, my scores are high enough for me to get a home loan. I have a pre-approved loan letter now and I am searching for the home of my dreams all due to the work and advice of Credit Guys.

Robert & Holly K.

We would like to thank all the members of credit guys.Me and my wife are trying to refinance on are home.With the help and support of credit guys we got are first results of are credit.They were outstanding.The results were more than 67% deleted items.We still have a ways to go but me and my wife are more than confident that credit guys will get the job done for us.Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Tirzah, Blue Springs, MO

“I really wanted to begin to improve my credit score in hopes of buying a home. My score was in the pretty low 500′s and the Credit Guys helped remove a lot off my credit report and increased my credit score by 70+ points. I was really skeptic about paying someone to do this for me, at first, but the Credit Guys have been exceptionally nice and helpful. I would recommend them if you need credit help.”

Dave, Emporia, KS

“587 to 698 in 3 months! You communicated with us the whole way through the process and it was very easy to understand, thank you for taking the time to turn this skeptic into a believer!”

Brenda, Grandview, MO

“When you asked me to write you a testimony of what you have done for me and my girls the only thing I could think of was seeing the Foreclosure that my ex-husband had caused taken off of my credit report. I was told I could not do anything about it and now we are buying our new home, you have given me a new start and I am telling everyone about you!!!”

Bobbie, Independence, Missourit

“First round I was a little hesitant but when I got my 2nd credit report back I could not believe what was removed. Now that we are finished you got almost everything removed! I just bought a new car and only paid 4.9%!!!”

Shirley, Blue Springs, MO

“29 out of 38 items removed in the first month - I just got qualified and now looking for my new home!!!

Linda, Kansas City, MO wrote:

“I read Keith’s “about” icon on your company website, and why he started the company. This is so awesome!! Please thank him as well for encouraging me to keep pressing on. I have a passion to help auto accident victims due to my life experiences as well. Losing my ability to hang onto my credit and health stability has given me such a passion to help others as well. God has given me the opportunity to help one accident victim already and help those struggling financially because I was chosen to go thru it myself. You will be my hero when my credit is restored without having to file bankruptcy. I only wish I could have met you sooner.”

Deveri & Eric, Kansas City, MO wrote:

“We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on get our credit fixed! Without you, getting into our own home would have been impossible!



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Partner Testimonies

Jason M. Carleton wrote:

“I would like to thank everyone at “The Credit Guys” for exceptional work with my clients. This is the ONLY credit restoration company I would recommend. In the past, I have used other companies that would charge my clients thousands of dollars only to never see them again. The staff have done an excellent job with every referral I have sent. My clients are not just numbers to them as they actually care. I am seeing quite a few clients come back that are now in position to purchase a new home. Keep up the good work Credit Guys!!!” -Jason M. Carleton, Senior Mortgage Banker, Megastar Financial

Bruce Fate, Catalyst Lending wrote:

"The Credit Guys are very knowledgeable in the "credit repair" world. They do a great job following up with potential clients and are always looking out for them. I frequently recommend my clients to them as they know how to get things done at a great price."

Brent Weddle, Reece and Nichols wrote:

"I have seen tremendous results with the clients that I have referred to Credit Guys. They really do what they say in a very timely manner. "

Christopher Resch, Vice President, 1st KC Home Lending wrote:

“I have been working with Credit Guys for quite some time. They have worked with many of my clients and they have been so appreciative that someone would not only help them with their credit but would also take the time to explain how the process works and what to expect. I recommend Keith and his staff every opportunity I have with clients and friends.”

Christopher Resch, Vice President, 1st KC Home Lending

Sarah Jaeger, Chartwell Realty wrote:

“Credit Guys, is where I send all of my clients that need credit repair help. A lot of credit repair companies are a complete waste, but I have always had exceptional results with this company.”

Paul Crisafulli, Epic Insurance wrote:

Credit Guys,

Just a note to say how pleased I was with the work you did for me. I’m looking forward to sharing your company and expertise with my clients. In a business climate where so much is determined by a person’s credit rating; from loans to insurance pricing, etc…, it only makes sense to have a professional group review this important area of your life. It can save you $1,000’s in additional expenses and even minor things can make a difference...

Paul Crisafulli, Epic Insurance Lee's Summit, MO

Charles Weatherman, Owner of A1 Mortgage wrote:

Credit Guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping so many of our customers repair their credit. We have worked with other credit repair companies in the past but never like your company. You guys are fast and provide very good follow up with our customers and keep us up to date on where they are in the process. Thanks again for all you and your company do for us!

Charles Weatherman,
Owner of A1 Mortgage


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